About Agfert Fertilizer

Agfert Fertilizers Pty. Ltd. as a division of the McArdle Group has been supplying fertilizer to farmers since 1975. The McArdle Group was first established in 1935 with a history in storage and logistics. Agfert Fertilizers Pty Ltd as the fertilizer division of the McArdle Group sources and supplies fertilizer to South Australian farmers and other fertilizer retail businesses.
Agfert are excited to announce Agfert Garden Range now in 5kg, 10kg and 25kg bags. Our new range consists of three products. Complete D, Garden All Rounder & Ultimate Lawn. For more information check out "Agfert Garden Range" on the left hand tab.
Agfert also stock a large range of merchandise, chemicals and rural supplies which are on display in its new-look showroom.


Edward McArdle started in 1975 selling and delivering bagged and bulk super from Avon, in the Adelaide plains. Then in 1986 he moved the business into Balaklava with a 400T capacity storage facilty, continuing to focus on customer services and logistics. The company then expanded its storage compacity in 1992 to 1,200T.
In 1997 a new blending facility was installed, including 4 weigh hoppers and a blending plant allowing Agfert to create more options for farmers. At the same time the shed also expanded to 10,000T.
In 2000 the shed was again axpanded to hold 25,000T of fertilizer and a second outloading plant was introduced to help cope with the expanding business.
Finally in 2002 the shed was expanded to hold the 40,000T it can hold today, maintaining the company's focus of customer service.