18% N, 20% P, 1.6% S
A high nitrogen, high phosphorus fertilizer used for broad acre cropping and horticulture applications.


10% N, 22% P, 1.6% S
A high phosphorus + nitrogen fertilizer used for broad acre cropping and horticulture applications.


46% N
High nitrogen source used for pre-plant nitrogen, topdress nitrogen. Can be dissolved and applied by spraying. Also used in stockfeed.

Sulphate of Ammonia

21% N, 24% S
High nitrogen, high sulphur fertilizer used in broad acre cropping as a blended fertilizer or used in topdressing post seeding, also used in horticulture and can be dissolved and applied by spraying.

Muriate of potash

50% K
High potassium fertlizer used in broad acre and horticulture applications.

Sulphate of Potash

41% K, 18% S
High potassium fertilizer usually used where muriate of potash is unsuitable due to saline conditions.

Storage & Blending Facilities

Agfert's on site storage can hold up to 40,000 tonnes of fertililzer at any one time. Being able to purchase fertilizer in larger quantites, has allowed us to minimize our handling costs, allowing us to pass saving onto the customer.
With its high tech blending hoppers, Agfert has the expertise to accurately blend all types of fertilizer.
The use of blended fertilizer is an often cheaper yet just as effective alternative to compound fertilizers. This ability to blend and create specialty fertilizers has enabled Agfert to supply a wide range of markets from broadacre cropping and irrigated horticulture to tree crops and orchids.
To cope with peak season demand Agfert has installed 2 out-loading plants. This has significantly reduced waiting times and allowed Agfert to double the dispatch rate, enabling the farmer to get back into the paddock faster. In turn, allowing Agfert to increase productivity without affecting efficiency and customer service.

Storage and blending


Storage and blending


Storage and blending


Bagging Facilites & Delivery service

Agfert has accurate bagging facilities available and is capable of bagging anything from 25kg bags to 1.4T bulk bags. This facility has allowed Agfert to supply more regional markets and areas where atmospheric conditions are not suitable for bulk fertilizer storage.
With Agfert's association with the McArdle group, it has access to a very efficient logistic service. Locally this service provides delivery 'on farm' to the customer as either bulk or bagged fertilizer. 

Bagging Fert


Transporting Fertilizer


Proprietary Products 

Agfert prides itself on being a competitive commodity based company dealing prodominately with large quantities of DAP, MAP, Urea and SOA. The company has, and utilizes its access to propreity products through Incitec Pivot Ltd. This allows Agfert to get all their fertilizer requirements from the one source.
This business relationship has allowed Agfert to expand into sales of liquid fertilizer, with on site storage now at nearly 70,000 L.

Fertcare & Spreading

Agfert is a Fertcare accredited organization, which affirms that Agfert understands its responsibilities within the fertilizer industry to lift the skills and knowledge of its employees in the supply and handling of fertilizer. It also shows the commitment Agfert has to providing high quality advice to users of fertilizers to allow them to maximize environmental and food safety risks.
With GPS guided spreaders, Agfert is able to provide the complete package from sales and distribution to accurate application in the paddock.
Agfert can also supply gypsum & lime delivered on farm and spread through spreaders mentioned above, adding another service to the end user.



Screening Gypsum